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Helping people use mental fitness for a great life. Author of Mental Toughness Metaphors — Stories to inspire resilience
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So the world is opening back up. While many of us are excited about that, record levels of anxiety are still to drop to pre-pandemic levels.

People are feeling anxious about a whole range of things from job changes and company re-structures to rising infection rates and financial concerns.

The other thing causing anxiety is the thought of having to mix again and actually talk to people, especially strangers.

This cause of social anxiety can make life pretty miserable for some.

Thankfully, using character strengths (there are 24 to choose from) can help.

Compare these two brief exchanges:


Mental toughness is a polarising term: people either love it or they hate it.

The technical definition of mental toughness is ‘the personality trait that determines in some part, how you respond mentally to stress, pressure, and change irrespective of the circumstances.’

But it’s not what everyone thinks when they hear ‘mental toughness’.

And I get it. Out of context, mental toughness can sound like an unfortunate cocktail of biceps, balls, and bullheadedness.

I recently had the privilege of speaking to the incomparable Penny Mallory on The Mental Fitness Podcast. Penny harnessed her own mental toughness to become a record-breaking…

It’s how I overcame a three-month battle with anxiety

By now, you’ve likely heard that meditation is good for you. It’s a practice that today’s top global business leaders swear by for their physical health and mental toughness.

It can also be one of the most challenging additions to your daily routine.

Deep down inside, we’re conditioned to expect instant results. When there isn’t immediate gratification, we abandon something good because it doesn’t feel like it helps.

What if you spent 10 minutes meditating each day as part of your morning routine? Or at the end of the day…

Don’t underestimate the power of #3

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Managers in 2020 have a huge amount to deal with.

You have to lead your team through the worst pandemic since 1918, the worst recession in 300 years and a complete sea-change in how and where people work.

How can you manage all of those things while still looking after your performance and wellbeing?

Luckily, for us, we can learn a lot from a group of people whose wisdom has been battle-tested through 2,000 years of human experience. The 19 Stoic philosophers, of which the most famous are Cato, Epictetus, Seneca and Marcus…

And what to remember when you are in one

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One evening, a man walking home after a night out, thought he saw a fifty-pound note at the bottom of a deep hole in roadworks near the city centre.

He jumped in to grab it but was disappointed. It wasn’t a fifty-pound note. It was a food wrapper.

Then he realised the fifteen feet sheer walls made it impossible to get out of the hole.

He called for help, but no-one came. The city fell dark and silent.

He got cold and frightened. …

#8 took me twenty years to understand

Radio Times

One of my favourite films growing up was Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade, where Indie goes in search of the Holy Grail.

In the film, it’s the chalice that Jesus drank from at the last supper that is believed to have miraculous powers that provide happiness, eternal youth or sustenance in infinite abundance. Who wouldn’t want that?

For more than twenty years I’ve chased the Holy Grail of performance and success.

“How can I get better? How can I be more like ‘X’? How can I be successful? How can I…?”

Because your career depends on it

Bruce Lee Foundation

Talk about shooting yourself in the foot!

Why do companies do it? It’s 2020; you’d have thought the world of business would have learned by now.

Don’t promote people into their first management positions without making sure they are a) suitable and b) ready.

Yet they still do it. Research by micro-learning platform Grovo found that 44 percent felt unprepared for their role. Additionally, 87 percent wished they’d had more training before becoming a manager.

I remember when I got promoted to my first management position. I was working in PR and was…

And how to avoid them

I’m worried about Rob. About his mental health, his finances, and his business.

I was introduced to him by a mutual contact the other day. She thought I might be able to help him as he is starting out, and she knew I’d been where he is.

I’d love to have helped him, but Rob’s not ready. He’s so consumed by his purpose which has stoked the fires of his passion to a point where even the Devil would say “It’s too hot!”

Sadly, he attempted to take his own life not long ago…

And get on with the rest of your day

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A young man decided to join a group of Buddist monks after listening to their message.

This infuriated his father who expected his son to join him on the family farm. Enraged he sought out the Buddha and in his anger, he accused him of many things: of corrupting youth, of brainwashing and stealing his son, of distorting the truth, of blasphemy, and other terrible things.

As he listened to the man vent his spleen with harsh words, the Buddha stood quietly and said nothing.

In time the man ran…

And what you can do to avoid the same mistakes

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I sat alone in my house after my friends had gone.

It was my 40th birthday but I hadn't felt like celebrating. My Mum had died in my arms just a few weeks before, so the boys came up and we went for a quiet curry and a few beers.

As I looked around the room I realised I was a 40yr old, divorced, single dad of two kids, broke and surviving on a monthly top-up from my folks.

Sure, I had £45K a year job but the costs…

Anthony Taylor

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