How I made a whopping 5 cents on Medium in June!

And a 400% uplift in July

17 stories. That’s all it took. That and probably 40 hours of work. Ok, 42 if you included obsessing over my stats. I’ve already earned 20 cents in July.

And that’s OK. If I keep this up and apply the law of compounding and doubling every month, which is conservative given my numbers after two months, within 15 months I’ll be making $6,553.6 a month!


Only it’s not so simples, is it? Jeez, it’s a lot of work and then some.

I’ve got to keep showing up and grafting while trying to build my main business. And I’ve actually got to get better as well! More work!

Coz, if there’s one thing my 5 cents has taught me is my writing must suck!!

And what’s with people not reading the whole article? Who does that? Is my writing THAT bad?

But wait, here’s what my 5 cents doesn't show.

It doesn’t show the few people who have reached out to me on and off Medium to say how much they have enjoyed my writing. Or that it took the words out of their mouth. Or the leads it’s bringing me for my business.

Or that one person asked me to be her mentor. Or that my number of followers is slowly growing.

And that’s enough for me right now.

So I’ll keep grafting and keep reading and learning from the many talented, hard-working writer on here until I earn the right to make more than 5 cents a month.

Oh, does anyone know of a writing course for 25 cents or less you point me in the direction of?

. . .

Helping people use mental fitness for a great life. Author of Mental Toughness Metaphors — Stories to inspire resilience

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