The Three Steps to Success

According to Boris Becker

Former Grand Slam Champ and world number one, Boris Becker was being interviewed on the radio one day.

“Have you always been better than everyone else”, asked the interviewer?

“No,” he replied. Although when he’s been young, he had been spotted as a prospect, although other lads his age were better and some more naturally talented. He added that sometimes we had to play the best girls because the boys were too good for him.

“So what happened to those boys,” asked the interviewer, “how do you go on to gain so much success and they didn’t?”

“Well, they just didn’t make it. Even with their natural talent, they didn’t have what it takes, because it takes much more than that,” he replied.

“So what does it take then?”, asked the interviewer.

“You’ve got to want it badly enough.”

“So, that’s the secret? Wanting it badly enough?”

“No, not just that. It takes discipline. No matter how much God-given talent, you must have the discipline to nurture and develop what talent you have. You’ve got to decide what’s most important to you and give up many other things so you can focus on that.”

“So, that’s the secret, then, discipline?”

No, not entirely. There’s another and this is harder than the first two. It’s humility. You need humility, no matter how good you think you are. You need humility to listen to your coaches, to take their advice, the test, and try new things and to admit you don’t know everything. To accept that maybe you aren’t quite as good as you think you are or would like to be just yet.”

“These are the three secrets to my success,” said Becker.

. . .

How badly do you want something? How disciplined are you? How humble are you to learn?

These are just three traits of the mentally tough person.

. . .

This is an extract from my forthcoming book, Mental Toughness Metaphors — Stories to Inspire

Helping people use mental fitness for a great life. Author of Mental Toughness Metaphors — Stories to inspire resilience

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